Friday, June 5, 2009

JAIN ENLIGHTENMENT - A Way of Life TV Series for Global Networks


When Global Cultural Diversity Films (GCDF) Inc. approached American fundraisers, they recalled President Obama raised a record-setting $605 million for his campaign from mostly small donations of $50, $100 and $500. Why can't GCDF raise $250,000 by following the President's example, they suggested ?

If GCDF's film team, headed by Vinanti Sarkar, strongly believed that JAIN ENLIGHTENMENT (JE) video series offers the ultimate message of salvation for modern humanity with the recurring knowledge of Ahimsa (Non-Violence), Aparagrah (Non Possessiveness) and Anekantvad (There is no Absolute Truth), there should be no problem in politely asking readers and viewers to make a small donation.

Recollect and remember the historical days of Mahatma Gandhi (30s-40s) who made the teachings of Mahavira his own foot prints, followed by Martin Luther King Jr. (50s-60s) and Nelson Mandela (70s-80s) and recognize in their teachings and preachings, the proofs of living with acts of non-violence, non-possessiveness and believing there is no absolute truth, but many truths to be heard and respected. These are the basic enlightening principles inherited from Lord Mahavira, who established Jain Dharma, succeeding with 23 Tirthankars (Prophets) through eternity in time.

The central theme of Jain Dharma considers religion as a science of ethical practices. It conceives the human body as a chariot on which the soul rides towards ultimate liberation. So the video films will in a way, offer the "path towards liberation ... the pathway to human survival on Earth. The ultimate end and purpose of living beings and their goal to realize the free and blissful state of their true beings." Every soul can attain godhood - the supreme spiritual individuality by realizing its intrinsic purity and perfection.

For the first time, GCDF presents a TV series of doc-dramas of "The Legend of Lord Bahubali" who lived before King Arthur and his Knights, long before Alexander the Great. His father "King Adinath - 1st Tirthankara (Prophet)" and the "Man Called Mahavira - the 24th & last Tirthankar (Prophet)."

The TV programs will dramatize the true meaning of the mere idea of non-violence in daily life.
It will observe the concept of non-possessiveness and how to overcome this ultimate desire to own, possess and supremely control everything. Questions like why do we crave to possess ? Why this overwhelming sense of instant gratification ? Why this ruthless passion to desire and own ?

The time has come to compete with global media that exists on sensationalizing news with half or no real truths, destroying self-esteem through examples of shallow celebrity life-styles, greed for ultimate power and selfish cravings, which focus on violence, sex, drugs and outrageous themes of excitement of domination, capturing the minds of the younger generation worldwide.

GCDF invites readers to share unedited video scenes of the film JAIN ENLIGHTMENT on our forth coming blogs, and YouTube, Vimeo and social media networks. Examine and discover for yourself those missing links towards understanding the meaning of salvation (moksha) in this life time.

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