Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Proposal to Raise $150,000 to Produce JAIN ENLIGHTENMEN

Deadlines to complete editing the films is marked at the end of June 2009 where

We have put together a written proposal and biz contract to raise $150,000 to complete a series of films "to enlighten Americans and the world about Jain Dharma." The films offer the path to human survival on earth ...

Remember, Mahatma Gandhi made the teachings of Jain Dharma his own and liberated India of British Raj. Martin Luther King Jr. followed Gandhi's teachings of Ahimsa to liberate Afro Americans to be recognized as citizens of America and Nelson Mandela empowered and liberated the native South Africans.

The central theme of "JAIN ENLIGHTENMENT - A Way of Life" will focus on the scientific practice of living ...

Have you seen the videos on Jains, Jainism, Jain Religion, etc. on http://www.youtube.com/ ? What do you think about them ? Our researchers have reviewed most, if not all, of the films and found only a handful of professional programs, mostly from Germany and France.

GCDF Inc. team has filmed via digital/HD video over two hundred hours of film during three location trips in India and our script writers are designing TV series to be produced, professonally, in the popular reality TV format to show the out of space existence over 6, 000 years ago !

When we approached American investing producers and fundraisers, they advised that raising $150,000 was a simple task. The goal to achieve was not difficult and directed GCDF Inc. to move towards a systematic system of directly contacting interested parties with suggested numbers:

Ask 30 people to invest $5,000 with biz contract of 10% return on global sales & DVDs

Ask 50 people to invest $3,000 with biz contract of 10% return on global TV sales & DVDs

Ask 150 people to invest $1000 with biz contract of 10% return on global TV sales & DVDs

Ask 300 people to invest $ 500 with biz contract of 10% return on global TV sales & DVDs

So we are putting an email list together to invite like-minded people who understand the importance of GCDF Inc. ultimate goal to fund JAIN ENLIGHTENMENT - A Way of Life ... which offers today's solutions to humanity ... Ahimsa (Non-Violence), Anekant (There is No Absolute Truth) and Aparagrah (Non-Possessiveness) to bring about peace and harmony.

We welcome any suggestions, email sam09May@verizon.net or Tel: 212-759-4568.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Once in a Lifetime Pilgrimage to produce JAIN ENLIGHTENMENT - A Way of Life

Working for over three years researching and developing the film project, Global Cultural Diversity Films film team have become very passionate on completing the post-production of "JAIN ENLIGHTENMENT - A Way of Life."

From early research, the filmmakers discovered the uniqueness of the world's oldest civilization. Jain Dharma dates back beyond 5,000 years as a indepedent scientific philosophy. It presents "a way of life" that follows basic principles presented in Jain scriptures. All teachings follows a highly scientific philosophy where the concept of god incarnate lies within every living soul, the purest god form and is capable to achieving "moksha," another word for nirvana. Nothing is blind faith.

For Jains all life forms posses a soul and all souls are basically equal, to be treated with respect, compassion and love.

You may ask: why is it so important to produce this film ? The reason is Jain Dharma offers solutions ... simple answers ... to the state of the world today - which is filled with devastating violence, mericless terrorism, unimaginable natural devastations, mental, and physical turmoils of the mind, body and soul.

In the last millennium, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mendala liberated their people and countries with one fraction of Jain cosmic philosophy - the principle of Ahimsa (Non-Violence).

These historical leaders learned that violence is committed in three ways: thoughts, words and deeds of action. All impure thoughts need forgiveness. Violent words leave permanent scars in the heart and mind of others. All acts of Ego involve anger, fear, deceit and greed. All thoughts are the root cause of words and actions, and violent thoughts may or may not result in violent physical actions, but they damage the soul.

Special attention on these activities are the religious activities of Jain philosophy and help human beings to get rid of vices, of inner and outer turmoils and offer peace and harmony.

Jains live by three major principles: Ahimsa (Non-Violence); Anekantavada (Non-Absolutism or plauralistic view points) and Aparigraha (Non-Possessiveness).

The Legend of Lord Bahubali

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Over three years ago in November 2005, I beheld the giant statue of warrior King Bahubali on top of the hill ...

It is 23 May 2009 ...
Three years ago, we started pre-production work researching a documentary film on Jainism, after I met Doanld Rubin, Chairman & President of the Rubin Museum of Art in mid-June 2005. He confessed that it was his "dream wish" to have the first Jain Art Exhibition at the Rubin Museum of Art, because he possessed one of the most beautiful Jain tanka paintings which he and his wife purchased on Madison Avenue thirty years ago when he was a poor man.

Today, my film team and I are reviewing over 150 hours of digital video under the title "JAIN ENLIGHTEMENT - A Way of Life." It began with three months of intensive research and development and a small budget of $10,000 which afforded uis the first R & D trip. With a second budget of $20,000 from a Jain foundation we returned to film the once-in-every 12 years celebration of the grand celebration of the Maha-mas-teka-abhishek annointment of Lord Bahubali in the small town of Shavenvelgola.
The digital/HD film was a witness to the trips to India where we traveled extensively researching and filming some of the most sacred Jain pilgrimages to temples of architectural perfection in Rajasthan -- Ranakpur, Mount Abu and Palitana. From Ahmedabad to Mumbai, we flew down South to the small village of Shra-ven-bel-gola in Karnataka State. It was here that I witnessed the overwheming discovery of a warrior King called Bahu-bali, whose life story deserves a feature film in the making.
Of course, there were those ancient Jain temples in Ellora, and interviews with many academic Jain scholars, religious leaders from Swamis, monks to learned nuns, including historians well-versed in Jain art, paintings and the perfection of temple archecture.

I am indebted to my sister who arrived from Birmingham, UK, and purchased a Sony laptop with Sony Vegas Pro 8, when she learned how the Jain diamond merchant and several businessmen and women had disappeared into oblivion, after promising to fund post production.

At last, we were able to convince a Jain friend to fund the dramatic 10 minute DEMO tape to be presented to PBS, cable and WebTV networks, where post-production funding will eventually complete the unique stories and enlighten the world about the world's oldest "way of life ... dating long before the days of Alexander the Great, King Arthur and his Knights ... back beyond 5000 years ago ...

We welcome well wishers to contribute their thoughts and ideas ... as our creative juices have started with the editing the dramatic Jain rituals and life-styles interwoven in new wave music of the centuries past. We plan to get the project ready for the Rubin Museum of Art's Jain Exhibit called "VICTORIOUS ONES: Jain Images of Perfection" which opens on 18 September 2009 to 12 February 2010.