Thursday, September 24, 2009



September 15, 2009 - We have completed a beautiful 10 min DEMO film "JAIN ENLIGHTENMENT - A Cosmic Way of Life" by three young American editors on Sony Vegas Pro 8/9. Our "multicultural man of all seasons" celebrated filmmaker and Sony Editor Justin Fornal who edited the film, that same week was written up in the New York Times focuing on his TV program productions on New York's cultural diversity, Bronx Flavor on the Bronx Cable Channel Network ! He found the project incredible!

Then there is Yoni Arava from Israel who enjoyed the challenge of editing the short DEMO. He is ready to complete the 56 min (one hour program) for USA and worldwide TV networks. There is also Cuban/Spanish American Isis Nabut who had visited India in 2008. We are collaborating with NASA, and using some incredible photographic shots and film clips to show Jain cosmology dating back beyond 2,500 B.C. found in the scriptures !!!

For all three of them, the film subject matter is truly fascinating, having learned a small fragment on who are Jains and what is Jain Dharma the first time ! The editors were really more interested in learning more about Jain cosmology and the scientific way of life, following the three major principles of Ahimsa (Non-Violence); Aparigrah (Non-Possessiveness) and Anekantwad (There is No Absolute Truth).

Editor Isis Nabut has already started working on editing for free : "Palitana - City of Temples on the Hill" to inform and educate America about Forgiveness, Compassion, Forgiveness and Non-Violence in thought word and deed.

We returned from India and it took months to carefully review over some 150 hours of film video during two location trips. It has been decided that it is very important to produce a series of films on "THE ANNOINTED - Legend of Bahubali"; "The Story of King Adhinathan, His Golden City and the Dying Dancer..."; "A Man Called Lord Mahavira" and then a series of short films on "Sacred Pilgrimages - including Ranakpur, Ellora etc. to show Jain Images of Perfection concentrating on the unique temple architectures,sculptures and paintings - pure splendor of Jains since 2,500 B.C.

Negotiations are underway with friends/business associates in France (French Jain teacher), Italy (wrote a book on India with the last chapter "A Date with Bahubali" and Japan (book on Jain temple architecture) who are associated with Jain Dharma and very interested in assisting in broadcasts in their countries, and willing to work on the language translation of the English Voice-Over. We will be having our premier screening of the one hour film at the River-to-River Film Festival in Florence, Italy on December 4-10, 2009.

GCDF needs to network with like-minded people and the Jain communities in USA, Canada, UK and India to help us raise the funds for the editing budget, with the initial amount for the first one hour film estimated at $50,000 (involving special affects and animation). With one TV program ready for global broadcasting and theatre screenings, Global Cultural Diversity Films Inc (GCDF)management will approach and seek corporate sponsorships for worldwide TV/Cable and Satellite broadcasting, as well as the completion the TV series.

GCDF management welcome everyone who is interested in entering this film project as investment partners and donors, realizing the situation of the US economy. Any ideas on how we all can work together are requested ?



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